Activities of Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman: Blasting room, Spraying and Drying rooms and Thermal Spraying.

Blasting and painting rooms

Blasting room

In the hand blasting room, measuring a mighty 8 by 25 meters, the inert blasting agent: corundum (aluminum oxide) is blasted. After each circulation, the blasting agent is purified of steel and dust residues with the aid of a magnetic and dust cleaner. The compressed air is always free of oil and moisture, thanks to the use of freeze-dryers. An important advantage in blasting with corundum is that SSB is capable of blasting steel, stainless steel, aluminum as well as galvanized work. There is also the possibility to blast with glass beads. All blasting is carried out and checked according to the ISO 8501-1 legislation.

Spray rooms

In well-conditioned spray rooms, all conventional and modern spraying systems can be applied using an airless spray, electrostatic spraying, HVLP, 2-component hot spray spraying equipment and other spraying methods.

Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying is one of the specializations of SSB. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities for thermal spraying in different layer thicknesses with zinc, aluminum or alloys.


The thermal spraying of pure aluminum in layer thicknesses> 150 micron is called aluminisation. The aluminisation is applied by Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman to materials where a high life expectancy is relevant, with aluminium 99.5% or 99.0%, depending on the wishes of our customer.

Fire-Resistant Coatings

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman is an officially approved applicator for the application of fire-resistant coatings such as the Pitt Char XP.

Noise-Reducing Coatings

Sound-reducing (low-noise) coatings can be applied to tail lifts and in trailers. SSB uses a polyurethane coating with a twaron fiber. This fiber provides sound insulation and anti-slip. Noise reduction is required when transportation takes place between 7.00pm and 7.00am.


SSB is well equipped to work on objects that vary from small to very large. This is one of the reasons why SSB has the possibility to load and unload objects in a weight class of up to 30 tons. For transport on site and in halls, transport carts (up to 60 tons load capacity) and so-called boat trailers are available.
A lifting capacity of 10 - 15 tons is available in the halls.

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Our Work on Site

A large number of activities are carried out on location by SSB experts. Our professionals will then be working with, among other things, mobile blasting and spray painting units.


The specialties of SSB at a glance:

  • Application of synthetic resin epoxy and polyurethane wear layers
  • Sound-absorbing coatings (with twaron fiber)
  • Multi-layer systems
  • Thermal spraying Zn-Al; approved supplier Shell aluminising
  • Yachts
  • Zinc silicate
  • Acid-resistant coatings
  • Bridge decks / lock gates
  • Sponge-Jet
  • Floor coatings / liquid-tight / poured floors

CO² Dry Ice Blasting

SSB has a lot of experience in dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting can be used for:

  • Cleaning railway bridges
  • Pre-treatment / cleaning in the food industry
  • Concrete cleaning / pre-treatment
  • Removing loose paint layers