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Since December 2012, Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman has a 2-component hot airless spraying installation for the application of solvent-free (hot sprayable) coatings. This is suitable for, among many other things, the application of underground coating for Gasunie.

Crafco Approved Applicator

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman is a recognized applicator of Crafco (Sikkens) for the application of floor coatings. Employees at Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman were fully trained for this in Arnhem. The company has a lot of experience in the application of floor coatings, and this recognition for the application of the Crafco systems fits perfectly within the policy of Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman.

Nano Coating from Bionic Technology

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman is a recognized applicator for the application of Nano products from Bionic Technology in Winschoten. This concerns steel, stainless steel, concrete, facing brick and (hard) wood. We are happy to offer you a free quotation for the application of Nano coating.

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New Air Compressors 

As of September 2011, 3 new electrical compressors have been installed from the Gardner Denver brand. These new compressors deliver an air volume of 35 m³. This makes it possible to work on various projects simultaneously with four sprayers and painters.

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman believes that with this investment they can continue for years to come. This new technology will also aid in saving costs in relation to electricity consumption.

To ensure that the air used is of good quality, a new filter package and a new cooler have also been installed.

NACE Certified Coating Inspector

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman in Hoogeveen has as of October 2010 its own level 2 Nace Certified Coating Inspector.

This training as a Coating Inspector is internationally recognized and is often recommended in the paint specifications in the oil and gas industry.

For Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman Hoogeveen this is a confirmation of the many years of practical experience in the field of metal preservation.

Customized Sieving Installation in Blasting Rooms

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman (SSB) has been using a custom-made sieve installation in the blasting room in Hoogeveen for some years now.

By means of this installation, SSB is able to spray blasting materials with several dimensions in the blasting room. The grit is sieved from a large silo into a smaller silo with storage of various sizes. Work that requires a greater roughness (zinc silicate, thick-skinned coatings, thermal spraying work, etc.) is blasted with a coarser sieve.

Work that is requires a high gloss finish or the blasting of other metals (galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum) can be blasted with a finer sieve.

The installation has recently been modified so that more grains can be sieved out. This allows the blast quality to be even better attuned to the wishes of the customer.

Fire-resistant (fire-retardant) coatings

Since Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman first provided a large storage shed with a fire retardant coating from Ameron Coatings in 2003, Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman has continued to provide constructions with a fire-resistant layer. This can happen either on location or at the workshop in Hoogeveen. In the last few years a lot of experience has been gained in the application of fire-resistant layers. Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman guarantees the application of the fire-resistant layer is in accordance with the coating supplier. The client will receive a certificate guaranteeing this.

In 2009, Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman completed a project in which the application of a fire-resistant layer (jet fire resistant) was central. The layer was applied in a thickness of 7mm. Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman is hereby directly recognized as an approved applicator of the Pitt-Char products of PPG.

Opknappen van aanhanger

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman: also for refurbishing your trailer or semi-trailer!

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman regularly handles 'old' trailers/chassis. The chassis is blasted to the wishes of the customer, then sprayed and provided with a primer and top coat.

Glass Bead Blasting

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman has a booth for glass beads of a wide variety. We still use glass beads instead of ceramic pearls for example, as this allows us to respond more flexibly to the wishes of the customer. We can adjust the desired grain size on a daily basis depending on the customer's requirements. For example, parts that are used in aircraft construction are blasted in the glass bead container. The glass beads used for this are compliant with the strict regulations that are customary in aircraft construction.

By using a very fine grit, the glass bead blasting is just as smooth as, for example, the ceramic grains and therefore it is used for materials that are used in the food industry, among many others. If, however, a layer of paint is to be applied to the non-ferrous materials, we can apply a coarser grain in order to obtain sufficient adhesion for the paint products later used. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then please get in contact with us. Our experts are happy to help you.

Voorbeeld verpakt leidingwerk

Packaging for Transport

If desired, we can also take care of packaging parts for you. The piping on the photo is packaged for transport by boat to Norway.

Professionele behandeling machineonderdelen

Professional Treatment Machined Parts

Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman in Hoogeveen regularly handles machined parts. The parts are taped by Staalstraal- and Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman in preparation for blasting and spraying to prevent damage to the fitting surfaces.

Aluminiseren Norsok 501

Aluminising Norsok 501

Different pipework will be aluminised according to the Norsok 501 specifications.

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