Industrial Blasting, Metal Preservation and Painting Catered for

Whether you need metal preservation, blasting or paintwork for industrial purposes, you will find everything under one roof at Staalstraal- en Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman in Hoogeveen. We are also your authorized and certified company for industrial repairs, coatings and renovations. All our services are conducted using the most latest equipment and sustainable products. Staalstraal- en Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman isn’t just working with larger and smaller clients in the Netherlands, we also operate worldwide.

Staalstraal- en Schildersbedrijf N. Bouman (SSB) is your preferred partner for: 

  • Metal preservation
  • Concrete repair and preservation
  • CO² dry ice blasting
  • Thermal spraying Zn-Al, Zn, aluminum
  • Metallizing / aluminising
  • Noise-reducing coatings
  • Blasting with corundum (coarse / fine)
  • Sponge-Jet
  • Blasting with glass beads
  • Machine blasting
  • Fire retardant coatings
  • Solvent-free coatings / polyurethanes

For Booths and on Location

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